Leading with strengths

Whilst being interviewed for a radio show a couple of weeks ago, I was asked ‘what does it mean to take a strengths-b...

Practitioner of the Month - February 2020

  Tell us a bit about you. I’m Jo Walley, and whilst I’m based in the Midlands, I work across the UK as a self-emplo...

Practitioner of the Month - January 2020

Say 'hello' to Allegra Stone, Practitioner of the Month for January 2020.  Allegra is a coach and workplace mediator.

Practitioner of the Month - December 2019

Meet Clive, International Organisational Coach and our Practitioner of the Month for December 2019.

Why is telling stories good for us?

'Not talking about important issues in your life poses a significant health risk' James Pennebaker, Expressive writin...

The value of heartfelt appreciation

The value of heartfelt appreciation Sarah Dale explores the importance of gratitude and some practical ways to share it

Is it ‘ok to say’ how you’re feeling at work?

Last week, here in the UK and across much of the rest of Europe, most of us were preoccupied with the challenges of d...

Are you thriving or just coping?

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a shift in language when people talk about their own lives and the lives of othe...

Are there enough tools to help schools build wellbeing?

Since the start of this year, we’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of the largest education exhibitions in th...

Shifting the balance towards positive education

If you’re already a parent, or aspiring to become one, what is it that you most want for your child? Just stop for a ...

Berkeley Well-Being Institute features At My Best tools

Tchiki Davis Ph.D. is a researcher, consultant and contributing author at the world-renowned Greater Good Science Cen...

Helping staff flourish

With the start of the new year and the inevitable flurry of new year resolutions it seems like a good time to reflect...
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