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Based  on the principles of Positive Psychology, At My Best products are designed to help people to develop narratives around their own strengths and successes.

With a multitude of uses all of our tools can be used in a wide range of contexts where there is a focus on building on what is working and appreciating the good.

At My Best Strengths Cards

Strengths Cards

With a single word on one side and a beautiful image on the other, our strengths cards are designed to facilitate reflection and conversation around strengths.

Whether you're looking for a group activity to identify strengths, or running 1-1 strengths-based coaching sessions, the At My Best strengths cards will help you to have more powerful conversations.

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At My Best Good Question Cards

Good Question Cards

 48 cards, each with a powerful question to help to appreciate and build on what's good.

These coaching cards are a positive psychology tool that can be used in group sessions or for personal reflection.

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At My Best 360

At My Best 360 is a wonderful way for people to get a better understanding of their strengths, revealing the qualities that other people see in them.

Based on the Strengths Cards, this simple tool makes it easy to gather feedback from up to 12 people. The impactful and uplifting outputs can help build confidence, motivation and self-belief, and sometimes uncover strengths blind-spots.

A powerful feedback tool for use in coaching, development, counselling and many other contexts.

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FREE Self-reflection Tool

This is the self-reflection process that is part of At My Best 360.  We’re sharing it here for free to give you a bit of an insight into how the tool works. 

Besides, it’s a fun and interactive way to reflect on and identify your strengths!

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