At My Best Strengths Cards

Strengths Cards

The simple way to identify and build on strengths

A very different approach to strengths.

Designed to help people to build and share stories of who they are at their best.

Great for

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Identifying strengths
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Strengthening connections
  • Showing appreciation
  • Building narratives around what's working

What are the cards?

48 cards, single word on one side, photograph on the other.

Using either the words, pictures or a combination of both, the range of ways you can use these strengths cards will only be limited by your imagination. 

Each pack includes introductory exercises to get you started, as well as details of more exercise ideas online.

Available as physical decks or as a virtual deck via

Loved in over 50 countries worldwide
Coaches, facilitators and other professionals around the world say that our Strengths Cards always have an amazing impact.
As a coach, these cards are a fantastic way to start a conversation with clients to explore their strengths.

Mario Moustros


I have been amazed and inspired that people have engaged so quickly by using the cards. The groups have had really valuable and in-depth conversation with each other and the energy and connection in the room has been almost tangible.

Ticki Toogood

OD Manager

At My Best cards have been an excellent tool for A level students, to enable them to recognise and develop their personal strengths whilst writing their personal statements for university.

Kim Carr

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

I am loving my cards!  I used them last week at a board meeting to provide positive feedback to our new Executive Director. It was a lovely moment - touching, personal and very powerful.

Chris Marcell Murchison

HR Manager

Rather than focus on the tedious “areas for development”, we used the Strengths Cards to stimulate discussion and reinforce the positive attributes and talents our team possess.

Josh Crandon


These cards are a wonderful way to open the door to very productive conversations. I have used them with corporate teams as well as with individuals, including some teenage school leavers who were considering further education and career options.

Caroline Laycock

Facilitator and Coach

These cards have become a valuable addition to my coaching toolkit. Great for use in a variety of contexts with individuals and teams...

Anna McLean

Psychologist & Coach

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