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Whether you're hosting a leadership symposium for twenty people or a professional conference for two thousand, online or in-person, we'd love to talk.  Get in touch if you're looking for a speaker to engage with your audience on how they and their teams can be at their best more of the time.

Inspiring & energising

One of the things we love most about sharing our ideas is the buzz they create.  

We spend our days helping people to understand how they can build on their 'best selves' so that they can truly thrive and flourish - how great is that?

If you think that could be of interest to your team or organisation get in touch
'I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both again, I have just left my team after a lovely dinner together and we have not stopped talking about our learnings today, "At My Best" has been 99% of or conversation,  the other 1% was what we where having to drink!'

Jo O'Donovan, Caffe Nero
'There has continued to be 'water-cooler' chat about the techniques and tools that can be practiced, which is a great sign that your message was clearly and well received by staff.'

Jim Martin, SPSO

Lasting impact

A keynote should be motivating and engaging - but that alone is not enough.  If we want people to do things differently after the event we need to build their confidence, knowledge and skills. As psychologists we know how to make sure that behaviour change happens.

Relevant & relatable

Whilst we see many similarities in the challenges our clients face, every team and organisation has its own history, culture and way of communicating.  We make sure our messages connect and resonate with your audience.
'...no one has hit the mark quite like you'

Bruce Hepburn, Mactavish
'An interesting and insightful session that allowed us to delve deeper into the psychology of strengths...'

Paul Compton, University of Birmingham

Experts in our field

As Chartered Psychologists with far too much experience to mention, research and evidence underpin everything we do.  We've seen the field of positive psychology develop dramatically over the last twenty years and feel privileged to have been part of that journey.  

Sharing the science of human flourishing with audiences around the world is central to At My Best's mission.

Just a few of our customers and clients...

Sharing the limelight...

One thing you can guarantee, if we speak at one of your events, the audience will be the centre of attention - not us. We always build interactivity into our sessions and bring the focus back to the people in the room. They will leave knowing how they can use what they've heard to make a difference to them and those around them.

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To find out more about us, click on our names to view our LinkedIn profiles - we'd love to connect. 

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