At My Best 360

The uplifting tool that reveals the strengths other people recognise in you

All too often, people overlook or underplay their own strengths. But through the At My Best 360 process they'll get a powerful new perspective, discovering the qualities that friends, family and colleagues recognise and appreciate in them.

Moving beyond the limitations of self-assessment, this easy-to-use online system gathers valuable and impactful feedback that helps people truly understand when they're at their very best.

A different way

At My Best 360 isn't like other 360 feedback tools. There are similiarities - e.g. users can invite up to 12 people to give them feedback - but there are important differences:
  • our sole focus is on understanding when someone is at their best, so we don't ask people to share feedback about perceived weaknesses or 'areas for development'
  • we don't ask people for numerically based ratings, instead we gather examples of when they've seen strengths in action
  • feedback is from named people - we don't need anonymity when we're looking to encourage appreciation and strengthens relationships.

A positive addition to your toolkit

Build confidence, strengthen relationships and unlock potential. With At My Best 360 you can give your audience a unique opportunity to really understand who they are at their best.


A great way to help your client get a better awareness of their strengths and start building on them. Perfect if you're looking for meaningful ways to build confidence, self-belief or connection with others.

Development Programmes

At My Best 360 can be a hugely valuable part of any personal or professional development programme, including leadership and management development. If you're looking to build self-awareness and understanding of strengths, this is a great way to get real-life examples to build upon.


If you're looking for a tool that can help build trust and appreciation within a team environment, At My Best 360 is a great option. It not only helps people realise how appreciated they are, it also provides an opportunity for teammates to notice what they value in their colleagues. 

Counselling / Therapy

At My Best 360 offers a simple, structured way to gather feedback on when a client is at their best. Getting input from friends, family and/or colleagues can be a great way to build confidence and self-belief and often has a meaningful and emotional impact.
Happy to help
If you'd like to explore how At My Best 360 could be used within your organisation, we'd be delighted to talk through the options.  Whether you have the expertise in-house, or would like support from our team of psychologists, we're here to help.
Loved by users...
One of the wonderful things about At My Best 360 is the positive impact it has on both the people receiving strengths-based feedback and those who are generous enough to share it. 
I found my smile getting bigger and bigger as I read through people's comments!

Kathryn Smith

L&D Partner, NHS

I had no idea how much I was loved and appreciated!  An emotionally moving, powerful and joy-filled experience. 

Diane Gabriele

Social Worker

I loved the simplicity of selecting just strengths and images, and then adding context to those.

Danny P.

Operations Manager

I loved the positive nature of it. Left me glowing.

Morwenna S.


...and trusted by professionals
Coaches, facilitators and others professionals that use At My Best 360 with their clients, tell us that it has a unique and powerful impact.
A powerful application… I am absolutely blown away by your tool!

Erik van den Top

Coach & Positive Psychology Practitioner

The dashboard was far better than any other 360 we have used… great value for money, makes me want to promote it to others.

Sharon K

Consultant & Facilitator

The insights gained from both the self-reflection and the feedback from others are incredibly powerful.

Jo Walley


One of the most effective ways for people to recognise their key strengths and appreciate the strengths others see within them.

Raelene Campbell

Career Consultant

How does it work?
Your clients can easily manage the whole process themselves, quickly collating uplifting and insightful feedback. 
  • Invite

    Choose up to 12 people they'd like to receive feedback from. We automatically email invitations and reminders to keep everything on track. 
  • Engage

    Nominees respond by completing an engaging interactive form, selecting the Strengths Cards (words and images) that reflect the strengths they've seen. 
  • Explore

    With the interactive 'Strengths Explorer' they'll discover what strengths people appreciate most, reviewing the cards chosen and examples shared.
Interested in training?
If you're interested in you or your team being trained in how to use At My Best 360 please get in touch to discuss our available options.
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