Identifying Strengths: Going beyond self-reflection
(Free Webinar)

14 October 2020

1pm-2pm (UK time)

When working with strengths, structured self-reflection tools can be a useful addition to a coaching toolkit – but they only go so far.  A 360 process which allows your client to receive strengths-based feedback adds another, very valuable, dimension that can facilitate positive gains in performance and wellbeing. 

The problem with traditional 360 feedback processes is that their very nature encourages rank ordering and a hierarchy of strengths and development needs.  Given our inbuilt negativity bias coachees are likely to be drawn to ‘fixing’ the lower ranking items which can be unhelpful when you are trying to take a strengths-based or solution-focused approach. 

So what are the alternatives? 

This hour-long webinar will introduce an online strengths-based 360 system that overcomes many of the issues associated with traditional 360s by being narratively led.  With parallels to the ‘reflected best self’ exercise, At My Best 360 will allow your clients to get a fuller understanding of who they are at their best.

Join us on Wednesday 14th October at 1.00pm (UK time) to find out more.

NB: If you are working within organisations implementing 360 processes you may prefer to join our session on Tuesday 13th October Maximising the value of 360 feedback 


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