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* Before purchasing, please see the Important Notes section below *

At My Best 360 is a unique strengths-based 360 feedback tool that helps people get a more rounded understanding of who they are at their best.

Through a simple online process, users can request feedback from up to 12 people and discover what strengths their colleagues, friends, family and customers see in them. 

How does it work?

Those responding are asked to sort through the At My Best strengths cards on-screen, choosing the words and images that capture the best qualities of the individual in question.  They also get to add comments to bring their feedback to life and share what they most appreciate. 

Once complete, the user can access their feedback through the interactive 'strengths explorer'. Here they can see their 'strengths cloud', compare the strengths that different respondents see in them and review all the comments that their family, friends and colleagues have shared.  

What's different?

Unlike other 360 feedback tools, At My Best 360 is:

  • Only focused on strengths - we want to help people get a better understanding of who they are at their best, not emphasise the things that frustrate or disappoint other people
  • Transparent - it's clear who gave what feedback, so users can easily follow-up and learn more (there's no need to hide behind anonymity when you're giving feedback on strengths!)
  • Completely qualitative - no tedious questionnaires or long reports full of data tables and bar-charts, only feedback that has personal meaning
  • Engaging for respondents - nearly 90% of users say they prefer this way of giving feedback over a standard questionnaire
  • Uplifting for users - the outputs are often motivating and sometimes quite profound 

Why use it?

At My Best 360 can be used as a stand-alone activity for individuals or as part of a team or group development programme. It's often used by coaches, managers, consultants, learning and development managers, counsellors, psychologists and other professionals.  

Better awareness and use of strengths has been associated with a broad range of positive outcomes, with research having shown associations with confidence, self-esteem, engagement, resilience and goal attainment and a range of other factors.

Important Notes

Credits for At My Best 360 can be purchased from this page - simply select the number of uses you require and add to your cart.  If you would like to buy more than 20 credits at one time we would recommend that you contact us.

Once you have completed your purchase you will be emailed with an access code and instructions for how to redeem it.  To give others access to the tool you can simply forward the relevant email to them.  

If you do not receive the emails from us within a few minutes, please check your junk folders.  

Credits must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase. Users of At My Best 360 must be aged 16 or over and agree to our terms of use.  

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