Strengths Online: A highlight in a difficult week

Despite the challenges thrown at us by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been quite a few positives during the last week. Undoubtedly the high point for us was trialling our Strengths Masterclass in an online format.

We’ve intended to try this for a long while, but have always found reasons not to: we’re not experienced at doing online workshops; the session is very interactive and might not translate; there’s not enough time; it’s all a bit scary etc., etc.

If there was one opportunity in the current situation, staring us in the face, it was the chance to give it a try. With all our consultancy work and open programmes postponed, we really didn’t have any excuses left to hide behind!

Last Friday we ran a trial online workshop with a group of willing participants, all of whom were due to have been attending a face-to-face session with us in Bristol. It was a new experience for all of us, but one that everyone agreed was a huge success.

Having sent everyone a pack of Strengths Cards and a pack of Good Question Cards in advance, we were able to run all the interactive exercises that we would have done if we’d been in the same room as each other. In fact, the strength of connection between the delegates was such that they were even able to share the strengths they’d appreciated in each other – an exercise that works beautifully in person, but we doubted could work in an online environment.

It was a fabulous way to end a difficult week, and we’re really grateful to the participants who let us experiment on them!  Here’s what they thought of the experience…

It was an invigorating day which was informative, exceptionally well facilitated and fun. The virtual nature was not a barrier to learning and working together and building connections, and we were well supported by Martin and Michele, whose enthusiasm and professionalism was contagious!

Nicola Willcocks, Coach & Facilitator

A really useful class with lots of practical ideas of ways to use the materials that will help me with my coaching clients. The on-line experience with virtual breakout rooms and plenary discussion was great and I would recommend giving it a go!!

Cathy Howell, Executive Coach

Many thanks for a really interesting and enjoyable day online. I loved your use of private session meeting rooms and you handled the technology in a very adept way especially considering it was your first time. It was as if we were actually face to face!

Allegra Stone, Behavioural Skills Specialist and Mediator


If you’re looking for an opportunity to do some interactive learning, and connect with some like-minded people, please consider coming along to one of our future sessions. To find out more, and see the available dates, click here.



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