At My Best receives glowing praise in Choice Magazine

We were delighted to see Marcy Nelson-Garrison's review of our strengths-based 360 feedback tool in this month's edition of Choice Magazine.  Here's what she had to say...

I love the positive energy and momentum generated by focusing on strengths. That’s why I’m so excited about At My Best, a strengths-based 360° feedback tool unlike any you’ve seen before. It is a simple, easy to use, online card sort process that has a cool visual component and rich interactive methods for viewing results.

Imagine getting feedback on your strengths from a broad mix of clients, colleagues, friends, family, etc. They are not only naming your strengths in words but choosing pictures as well, and commenting about their choices. An amazing story unfolds for you as you view the results. You can see your strengths as a word cloud, as a diagram of how the different perspectives overlap, as a side-by-side comparison and more.

You can also deepen your understanding via powerful coaching questions and suggestions in the “Top Tips” feature. For example: “What differences and similarities do you see when you filter the strengths cloud in different ways?” Great question and how cool – you can actually filter the strengths word cloud to reflect only feedback from colleagues or only feedback from friends.

How often do you (or your clients) get a chance for others to tell you what they appreciate about you AND have the experience of letting it in? I encourage all of you to share the free self-reflection version of At My Best with clients and for powerful, in-depth work around strengths I highly recommend the 360° Feedback tool. It is rich, robust and guaranteed to fuel some great coaching.

This review appeared in Volume 14, Number 3 of Choice.

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