Strengths Cards

A tactile way to explore what you do best

What are your strengths? A very easy question to ask but, for most of us, a pretty difficult one to answer – that’s why we developed our strengths cards. A simple tool to provide people with the stimulus and vocabulary to start a conversation around who they are at their best.

The At My Best strengths cards deck contains 48 individual cards, each with an inspiring photograph on one side and single word strength on the other. Each pack comes with an introductory booklet with exercises to get you started.


Take a closer look

Flip the cards over to see the reverse.

Why use our strengths cards?

At My Best strengths cards are a practical, engaging tool to reflect on what’s working well. They can be used in lots of different ways to explore strengths and elicit stories of when people are at their best.

If you are a coach, teacher, counsellor or line manager working one-to-one, the strengths cards are a perfect tool for helping others to identify and explore their strengths so that both you and they have a better understanding of who they are at their best. A great start to building self-awareness and self-confidence.

If you are working with groups, our strengths cards can be used in a whole host of ways to facilitate individuals giving feedback to each other, to reflect on project successes, to set goals or reflect on team identity.

How do you use yours?

Clinical Psychology

  The cards provided a visually powerful message for the client, showing her that she has a lot of resources to draw on. The knock-on impacts were an increase in self-esteem and improvement in mood.  

Lynn Suter Counselling Psychologist

  I love using these cards… they’re beautiful and open up discussion better than any other strengths tool I’ve come across.  

Caroline Laycock Practically Positive

  I used your strength cards today - they promoted insightful, interesting discussion.  What a great tool!  

Rebecca Wray RebeccaCoachme

  We have carried out these reviews over ten years of working with expedition groups and the results with the strength cards were outstanding. The students had a much wider vocabulary to reflect on successes.  

Richard Smith Department Head

  A fantastic way to give each other feedback and hear about how others view you at work.  Our employees loved using them.  

Kristina Korlevska Human Resources

  The cards can help young people identify and appreciate their own strengths – a valuable tool for exploring and enhancing self-esteem.  

Susanna Baker Child Clinical Psychologist

  Rather than focus on the tedious “areas for development”, we used the Strengths Cards to stimulate discussion and reinforce the positive attributes and talents our team possess.  

Josh Crandon Line Manager

  I am loving my cards!  I used them last week at a board meeting to provide positive feedback to our new Executive Director. It was a lovely moment - touching, personal and very powerful.  

Chris Marcell Murchison Vice President for Staff Development and Culture, HopeLab

Exercise ideas

Explore some of the many ways you can use the strengths cards

Comparing life domains

solo activity 

Identify the strengths you use in different parts of your life and reflect on how to make even more of them.

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Team strengths

group activity 

Help a team focus on what they do best by choosing a photograph that illustrates their collective strengths.

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Project successes

one-to-one activity 

Help someone draw out the positive lessons from a project or event, using photographs as a prompt. Valuable as part of a project review, appraisal or interview.

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Strengths silhouettes

group activity 

Encourage better connections between team members and build appreciation for the diversity of strengths in the group.

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What do people say?

  •   I have been amazed and inspired that people have engaged so quickly by using the cards. The groups have had really valuable and in-depth conversation with each other and the energy and connection in the room has been almost tangible.  

    Ticki Toogood Organisation Development Manager, Bath & North East Somerset Council
  •   Simple is our thing. We use few resources in our coaching - working mostly with what people bring into the conversation. These cards are simple, effective and a great asset to what we do.  

    Claire Pedrick Managing Partner, 3D Coaching
  •   A fab resource that can be used with children or adults... I recommend them and always carry them around with me!  

    Julie Slater CEO
  •   A valuable tool for coaches to draw out their client's strengths. They have been created using the simplicity of key words, and visuals, to evoke a powerful conversation.  

    Katherine Tulpa CEO
  •   A wonderful way to open the door to very productive conversations.  

    Caroline Laycock Director
  •   The high quality look and feel creates a good impression and I’ve received some great feedback from clients who have enjoyed working with the cards.  

    Anna McLean Director, People = Potential
  •   Tactile, cleverly thought-out and visually inspiring: If you are looking to explore character strengths with a group, these cards are just the best!  

    Alex Nunn Head of Campaigns & Communications