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Inspired by our desire to apply the principles of positive psychology in an engaging and meaningful way, At My Best was created with a simple aim – to help individuals, teams and organisations be more aware of their strengths, so they can be at their best more of the time.

From the outset we have focused on creating products that are a pleasure to use and have a positive emotional impact on people, as well as being engaging and meaningful.  After all, if we can’t do that for tools based on positive psychology, when can we?!

Since first launching our strengths cards in 2014, we’ve been humbled by the huge variety of ways people have used the At My Best tools to make a positive difference across the world.  Now, with the launch of our new digital tools, including the free self-reflection exercise, we’re hoping that At My Best can become an even more valuable resource to even more people.

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What’s different about At My Best?

  • Strengths-focused.  Helping to move people from ‘not bad’ to great, by building on strengths and what’s already working rather than focusing on what needs ‘fixing’.
  • Engaging to use.  No complex technical language, just simple, intuitive and accessible tools that people love to use.
  • Easy to implement.  Simple to use as a stand-alone activity or to complement existing tools or systems.  No detailed instruction manuals or lengthy training courses in sight.
  • Meaningful insights.  Focused on creating a useful, relevant narrative that individuals can connect with and build on.
  • Highly impactful.  Beautiful and thoughtfully designed products that lead to memorable outputs and help individuals and teams to flourish.
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Our products

Strengths Cards

Strengths Cards

The powerful and flexible strengths cards inspire individuals and teams to explore their strengths through words and pictures

Online Tools

Online Tools

Try the free self-reflection to explore your strengths and discover what others appreciate in you, with the At My Best 360.

The App

The App

The easy-to-use strengths cards app is an essential tool for your tablet, letting you use the cards anywhere and share your outputs with whoever you choose

The people behind At My Best

Work Positive

At My Best was created by business psychologists at Work Positive, a consultancy that’s all about helping people and organisations to shine.

Growing happy and engaged


Helping individuals flourish at work by building their confidence, self-awareness and skills.

Developing inspiring and effective


Building your managers’ skills so they can bring the best out of the people they lead.

Building positive and productive


Improving your systems and practices so they enable a culture where people thrive.

Find out about our out-of-the-box learning and bespoke consultancy on the Work Positive site.