With her team working across the UK and all having busy working schedules it can be difficult for Training Manager Jo to get everyone together as often as she would ideally like.  However she is very conscious of the importance of strong working relationships and so is always keen to find ways for the group to connect and build bonds.

As part of a team day, Jo arranged for us to run a short session with all of the trainers on identifying and building strengths.  The session provided the team with the opportunity to reflect on their own individual strengths, and also gave them the chance to give feedback on the strengths they see in each other.

Using the At My Best cards throughout the session provided the group with a vocabulary to use around strengths.  The words on the cards provided prompts for individuals to share specific, appreciative feedback about each other.


39 - modest - word‘When you are jumping in and tackling new things and getting things done, it is your bravery and modesty which allow you to shine’

21 - positive - word

‘Your can-do attitude is outstanding, you always say yes’

23 - sincere - word

‘Every time we speak, you are so genuine and honest’

20 - creative - word

‘I have always said that I would love to be as creative as you’

18 - brave - word

‘You are not afraid to take the initiative, and you go for it with intensity, passion and care, and this is a great great strength’

01 - supportive - word‘Every time I take on a new project, or something challenges me, you are always there. You make me feel I can do anything.’


The team were really enthusiastic about the way the cards gave them the opportunity to focus on the positives, in a structured but unconstraining way.   Like so many of us, they were aware that they typically spend more of their time thinking about how they can improve on their weaknesses than they do on trying to build on what is already working.

The group were really energised by both giving AND receiving feedback from each other.

The conversation naturally progressed to considering the strengths of the team as a whole.  Using the photographs on the strengths cards individuals chose the images that they felt represented the team at its best.  This lead to a lively discussion amongst the group as they shared the cards they had chosen and the stories behind their choices.

Everyone came away from the session feeling engaged and excited to take their experience of using the At My Best strengths cards into their daily job roles. The session allowed them to take some time out to focus on the positives, and the overwhelming feeling following the session was uplifting and optimistic.

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