Mindset Mastery

Group size: 6-15 (enquire for large groups)

As Shakespeare wrote, “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

This session will explore the extraordinary power our mindsets can have on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Through practical demonstrations, real-life examples and sharing of some fascinating research findings, we will highlight just how our minds can limit our potential or enable us to achieve more.

Who is it suitable for?

This session is suitable for anyone who wants to understand and manage their mindset, so they can be more effective going forward.

What will the session cover?

A brief introduction to ‘positive psychology’ and the concept of ‘mindset’

How our attention can influence outcomes (including how we can learn to be luckier)

The power of questions, and the difference between fault-finding and merit-finding

Managing the ‘inner-critic’ and ‘thinking errors’

Making the most of strengths (and celebrating failure)

Setting learning goals to build a growth mindset

What will delegates take away?

An understanding of the psychology of mindset and the key research in the area

An awareness of the potential mind traps they could fall into

Exercises to cultivate a ‘growth mindset’ 

Greater confidence in their strengths and their ability to manage their own mindset

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