At My Best 360

A powerful feedback tool that helps people understand who they are at their best


Brilliant for strengthening relationships between people in teams


Perfect for raising awareness and understanding of strengths

Culture change

Powerful tool for building an open, positive, feedback culture

Development Programmes

Valuable insights for management and leadership development

How does it work?

Invite feedback from up to 12 people

Colleagues, friends, family - anyone can be invited to give feedback and share what they truly value in the recipient. Simply enter their details and At My Best 360 will send them an invite and all the instructions they need to take part.

Image showing someone giving feedback to a colleague, friend or family member, using At My Best 360

They highlight the strengths they see

We guide respondents through an engaging process, where they select strengths and describe the times when they have seen the recipient at their best. Unlike traditional 360's there are no ratings, just stories. Feedback also won't be anonymous, enabling the positive messages to strengthen relationships.

Image showing someone selecting strengths cards as part of the self-reflection activity. Choosing cards and dragging them across the screen.

Complete the self-reflection

Every person receiving feedback is also asked to reflect on their own strengths. Using the words and pictures from our Strengths Cards, they will consider when they are at their best in different parts of their life.

Manage the process

Send reminder emails, change dates, invite more people to give feedback, everything you need to manage the process all from within the At My Best 360 dashboard.

Image showing some of the outputs available in the Strengths Explorer.

Explore your feedback

Once everyone has responded, the recipient will discover what strengths other people most appreciate in them. Through the interactive Strengths Explorer, they will read examples of when they've been at their best, compare the strengths different people recognise in them and download their personalised 'Strengths Cloud'.

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