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    Are you thriving or just coping?

    Thriving, rather than just getting by, is important. But when life is so busy what practices should we focus on to help us flourish? Michele Deeks takes a look at some of the practical actions that can help to make a difference.

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    Are there enough tools to help schools build wellbeing?

    Reflecting on our experience at some of the UK's major education conferences, we take a look at some of the products and services that are available to support wellbeing in schools.

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    Shifting the balance towards positive education

    Ahead of a new report from IPEN (International Positive Education Network), Martin Galpin has written about the need for education to be just as much about wellbeing and character development as academic success.

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    Helping staff flourish

    Helping all staff flourish is a familiar challenge for most organisations. In this blog, Michele Deeks talks about one framework leaders and managers can use to help their people be the best they can be.

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    Parenting and positive psychology

    Positive psychology has a lot to offer those of us interested in positive parenting and taking an appreciative approach to raising our children. Michele Deeks looks at some of the most relevant research.