Our new Strengths Cards app offers a simple way to discover more about:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Strengths Cards app, which is designed to help users to reflect on their own strengths and appreciate the qualities of the people around them. This is a digital version of our popular Strengths Cards, which have now been used in more than 50 countries.


Ideal for remote coaching

The app has been developed in response to a demand from people who are coaching remotely over phone or Skype, who can’t use the physical cards in their sessions. The digital version, which can be instantly downloaded onto any iPad or android tablet caters for this market, and has potential to be used in a wide range of circumstances.


How the strengths cards app works

As with the tactile ‘real-life’ cards, there are 48 cards in each set, each with an inspirational word on one side, and an emotive, high-quality image on the reverse. On opening the app, these are stacked at the bottom right hand side of the screen. It’s up to the user to sort through them as they wish to reflect on their strengths, those of others, or the strengths of their organisation.

When they start a session, they can choose to work with either the photo side of the cards, or the words side. They can also choose different backgrounds from a selection of templates designed to aid the thought process. By adding “sticky notes” it’s possible to organise thinking further.

For instance, they could use a sticky note that says “home” or “work”, and sort through the cards to identify the strengths that they have in each of these contexts. They may wish to add another sticky note that says “both” and put the strengths that they show both at home and work under that column.

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The “help” section of the app suggests five ways to use the cards, but they are deliberately designed to be flexible. Individuals or groups can use them in any way that stimulates helpful thinking or conversations. For instance:

  • Pick images that define what you bring to your organisation.
  • Choose words that represent your greatest assets.
  • Focus on cards that encapsulate the mission of your business.


Suitable for a range of contexts

Those who will find the cards valuable include: Coaches, teachers, parents, facilitators, counsellors and managers. Anyone who wants to help others gain awareness of their own strengths will find this a rewarding tool.

For individuals, teams and organisations used to focusing on problems, this app provides a refreshing escape. Removing the tunnel vision that centres on ‘what is wrong?’ it helps people to enjoy a panoramic view of ‘what is right?’ – leading to a discovery of ways to build on these strengths in the future.

We have received encouraging comments so far about our new app, but we’re keen to hear more users’ feedback. If you download the app, please get in touch to let us know if it’s helpful and how you’ve used it.

Download the Strengths Cards app, or search for “Strengths Cards” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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