Trying to find the ideal gift for a loved one, friend or colleague can be a real challenge, but isn’t it great when you come across something that just ticks all the right boxes?  Perhaps a deck of At My Best strengths cards are the ideal gift for someone you know!

Our strengths cards, which are incredibly popular with coaches, counsellors, teachers, trainers, managers, community workers and many other professionals, are a beautifully simple way of helping people appreciate their own qualities and the strengths of the people around them.

With a range of suggested exercises available on our website, there are plenty of different ways the cards can be used for personal reflection, one-to-one work or group facilitation.

So, if you’d like to help someone bring the best out of themselves and others next year, the At My Best strengths cards might be the ideal gift.  They’ll certainly last longer than a box of chocolates and be more appreciated than a pair of socks!

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Please order by Dec 16th to be sure of receiving your cards in time for Christmas.  If you’d like to buy in bulk please contact us first to be sure we can meet your needs.

Hope you have a fabulous festive season!