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    Do we really need questionnaires to explore strengths?

    Strengths assessments have given many people a much better understanding of their strengths, but there are some potential downsides of using questionnaire-based tools. Martin Galpin considers some of the issues.

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    What makes a great positive educator?

    Ahead of the first Festival of Positive Education this summer, we asked delegates about the positive educators they’d come across in their lives. We asked what strengths they most appreciated in those teachers who balanced an academic focus with development of wellbeing and resilience. Here's what they said.

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    Keep it simple

    Inspired by a recent presentation at the South West Councils Coaching Conference, Michele Deeks questions the impact that tools have on the coaching process. Is there a risk the tools empower the coach more than the coaching client?

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    Applying Positive Psychology in Education

    This July we went to Dallas for IPEN's very first Festival of Positive Education. Martin Galpin reflects on this amazing event which brought together world leaders in education and positive psychology.

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    Helping teachers flourish

    There is increasing recognition that positive psychology can play an important role within education. But all too often the focus is only on students. For our teachers and educators to flourish we need to make sure they also benefit from the principles of positive psychology.